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      Swift Beauty

      What is the aesthetic eyebrow? How do you approach it with filler? What are the nuances of nasal enhancement by injection? [See the full post at: Conversation with Dr. Kent Remington: Nose and Eyebrows.]

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      Nina Madnani

      Listening to these conversations are so mind-blowing in their concepts backed by imagination, innovation and expertise. Dr Kent offered to share his video of mouth corner lift, would it be possible? My e mail is ninamadnani@gmail.com.
      Dr swift, keep them conversations coming!
      look forward to them.
      Thanks for Sharing
      Dr Nina Madnani

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      Sujata Garach

      I am loving these conversations. Taking in all the pearls shared by dr Kent. Would love to see the video that dr Kent offered to share. My email address is chetansujata@hotmail.com

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