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      Swift Beauty

      How do you treat the difficult lateral oral commissure turn-down? [See the full post at: Conversation with Dr. Kent Remington: The Flying V.]

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      Maya Vedamurthy

      Dr.Kent Can you please send the Flying V video to my mail address please?mayavedamurthy@yahoo.com

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      Trudy Di Franco

      May I also have some flying V video demonstrations sent to my email as well. Trudy.difranco@gmail.com
      Always a pleasure!
      Much thanks and stay healthy and happy!

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      David Kimmel

      Is it possible to also get access to the Fly V video ? Thanks Ltrypsin@yahoo.com

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      Lynette Wohlgemuth

      Great discussion and description of your technique, Dr Remington. May I please have a copy of the video demo as well?
      Thank you!
      Lynette Wohlgemuth, NP

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      Khaled El-Hoshy

      Drs Kent & Swift, enjoyed the provocative conversation. Can you please send me the video demonstrating the lifting of the oral commissure ( flying V technique) ?
      Thank you.
      Khaled El-Hoshy, MD FAAD

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      Shari Martuscelli

      Could you please share your Flying V video demonstration, my email ShariMartuscelliRn@gmail.com

      Thank you both so much!!!

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      Michele Cluff

      Really enjoyable video! Your camaraderie makes it so.
      If you would be so kind as to send the Flying V video to me as well at michelecluff@gmail.com.
      Many thanks and keep well.

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      Wyling Leung

      Thank you for the insightful conversation. May you send me the flying V technique video also? Wyling.leung@gmail.com.

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      Jillian Jin Lyn Heng

      Hello , really wonderful conversation and discussion, thank you.
      May i ask for Dr Kent or Dr Swift to send the video of Flying V technique please? jason_90_2@hotmail.com

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      Thi Nhu Mai Ho

      Thank you for this great discussion.I wonder why the access point is that far away?
      I would appreciate a lot to have the video of the Flying V technique please.(it does sound like a Kung fu technique Dr Remington😊)Thank you so much

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      Patrina Wong

      Thank you for the wonderful tips and tricks. It is so amazing listening to both of you. Appreciate if you can share your Flying V video. Thank you. patwong288@gmail.com

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      Charlotte Wolfenden

      Is it possible for you to please forward the Flying V technique video to me? Many thanks Charlotte


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      Pete Spitellie

      Really fantastic chat you two had, such a great rapport. Really enjoyed it. If you’re still sending out videos of your flying V technique would love to get a copy of them. Email: pspitellie@hotmail.com
      Thank you so much for all this amazing content, the videos have been real bright spot during this strange time.

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      Catherine Tisdall

      Thank you for the discussion.
      Really enjoying these conversations and appreciate your insights.
      Dr. Kent, can you please email me your flying V video?
      Thank you
      Dr. Tisdall

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      Valerie Green

      Dr. Reminton could you please send the video of flying V technique to my e-mail; valeriegreen9890@gmail.com.
      Thanks a bunch!!!

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      David Pudukadan

      Can you send me the video demo of the same technique to my email davidpudukadan@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

      Dr David Puduukadan

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      Deborah Bedford

      fabulous dialogue, really enjoyed this, could I trouble you to send a demo of the Flying V technique to deb.bedford64@gmail.com
      Much obliged, and keep up the great work

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