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      Swift Beauty

      Does filler personality change with the surrounding environment (dynamic versus static)? Are there new considerations with respect to lip injection anatomy? What is the effect of tight masks on facial lymphatic drainage? [See the full post at: Conversation with Professor Sebastian Cotofana: The Latest Insights into Rheology]

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      Vicky Johnson

      Thank you both so much:)

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      Mathew Mosher

      Periorbital lymphatic drainage is impacted by the standard CPAP devices. The brow straps likely also play a role. This swelling occurs even in these patients that tend to sleep on their backs with the HOB elevated which should facilitate lateral drainage. Fortunately, the newly diagnosed and less severely affected patients with OSA are now getting by with intranasal or nasal only masks that compress the face less. These are not very problematic for facial surgery either. Stay well.

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        Dr. Arthur Swift

        Excellent point well made. Be prepared to deal with not only peri-mask window oedema for those tight N-95s, but I would guess dermatologic eruptions under the mask from humid enclosure.

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      Priscila Ferrand

      That was terrific! Will love to have more Thank you.

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      Genevieve Vielbig

      So informative ~ Thank you both for this!!!

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      Jennifer Freese

      So interesting to start thinking about how our approach to treatments will need to change post-COVID 19. Thank you for doing this!

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      Tami Pastore

      Thankyou so much for all your wonderful knowledge 😘

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      Zoia Sherman

      Thanks for doing these free webinars, especially thinking of adapting to the new reality of our practices after Covid-
      The webinars- please keep them coming, as we want to learn and stay connected during these tough times

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      Ram Chandra

      Great conversation ! Thank you so much! Was so bored sitting at home and this pleasant surprise popped up!

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      Barb Deneau

      Extremely informative during this unprecedented time!
      I’m wondering if you can comment on the concerns with neurotoxins as we move forward.
      Thank you!

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        Dr. Arthur Swift

        I assume you mean any theoretical concerns with respect to injecting neurotoxin in this heightened immune environment? Good question, to which there is no scientific answer. However, my opinion is that I have no untoward concerns. In fact, after speaking with several colleagues across the globe who are released from lockdown and are slowly opening their offices this week, the feeling was that they are starting with neurotoxin treatments only, as they are quick to perform, minimizing the hovering over patients during treatment.

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      Ashish Bhola

      Great!!! Well explained !!! Pleasure to be able to attend ! Thanks

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      Ketevan Guldedava

      Thank you both for the interesting and very informative conversation. There are so many things to be changed in our practice. Can’t wait for the new recommendations on lip injection after your study is over Sebastian.

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      Jill Goris

      Truly a highlight to listen to such esteemed individuals! An incredible blessing to both of you for pioneering success and information that can be highly gleaned from! Thank you hardly expresses my deep gratitude! Blessings beyond – Jill

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      Maya Vedamurthy

      Great information on fillers. Both are superheroes

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      Tricia Henry

      Thank you so much !! This was beyond helpful and informative as the way we inject our patients will be different going forward !

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      David Kimmel

      Thank you for spending the time to put this together.
      Is it possible to list the reference for the Rheology article Dr. Cotofana is referring to ?

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      Catherine Tisdall

      Thank you for your insights!
      Trying to find the article on the varying rheology with stress. Would you mind posting the reference.
      thank you
      Dr. Tisdall

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        Sonya Ellis

        I would like to know the link to the rheology paper as well.

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      Debra Scott

      Thank you both so much. I feel like you are in my head! Just 2 weeks ago I posed the question on an FB injectors’ forum about how covid-19 will effect not only what procedures we will & won’t do (Botox only or also fillers? ) but also what our daily office flow will look like (masks, spaces between patients for cleaning time).
      So thank you for giving of your time & vast knowledge.
      Debra Scott, NP-C

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      Jaishree Sharad

      Dear Dr Swift, I enjoyed your webinar today conducted by Allergan. I was the one who asked you about using a cannula superficially in the temporal fossa. You have always been my favorite teacher.
      Thank you so much for this amazing webinar with Prof Cotofona. Both of you are such geniuses and it is so kind of you to share knowledge and give us so many insights.
      Look forward to more.
      With Gratitude,

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      Kelli Kleckner-Juritza

      Excellent excellent excellent. PLEASE continue to post more!
      Thanks for this!

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      Nina Madnani

      It was such an informative webinar on how Covid will change our future practice in every way
      Also the concept of theology an d movement was the icing on the cake!
      Thank you for sharing both your expertise’
      Nina Madnani

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      Nina Madnani

      It was such an informative webinar on how Covid will change our future practice in every way
      Also the concept of rheology and movement was the icing on the cake!
      Thank you for sharing both your expertise’
      Nina Madnani

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      Marã­A Josã© Pelli

      After so many years assisting to conférences, seminars and congresses, I often tnink I would mostly prefer to have a coffee with some great proffessors and just listen about their new ideas, their further thoughts about their work… and this is pretty much like this !
      A wonderful, amusing and terribly interesting coffee break!
      Thank you!!!

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      Roya Zarmehr Zamin

      Thank you Dr. Swift for such an amazing webinar. It was so informative and educational and so kind of you to share all those information with us.
      Thank you prof Cotofona for teaching us a terrific concept about anatomy and Rheology as well, it was an honour for me learning more from you during IMCAS 2020 cadaver dissection that I would never forget.
      Stay safe
      Roya Zarmehr Zamin, MD

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      Marianna Snyman

      What a joy to listen to two brilliant brains-thank you both for. Some thought provoking concepts! Looking forward to more!

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      Melissa Szymaniak

      Thank you for taking the time to share all these wonderful amazingly talented smart mind educators. Looking forward to more webinars.

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      Zainab Jishi

      Thank you Dr. Swift for organizing such an amazing resource to help keep us up to par! And thank you to the talented individuals who are collaborating with you on sharing their thoughts/studies/experiences. Looking forward to those to come!

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      Agnieszka Zatonska

      Excellent! Thank you Dr Swift for sharing those webinars.

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      Jennifer Liechty

      Does anyone have the link to his paper on rheology?

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