Beautiphication™ is Dr. Swift’s medical application of the concept that ideal beauty is a universal notion, defined by the ‘divine’ proportion ‘phi‘ long used by artists and architects; that individual attractiveness can be optimized through the application of subtle, strategically placed injection therapies guided by this golden ratio.

Remarkably, Dr. Swift’s findings dovetail precisely with the work of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and its application to cosmetic injectables is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

J. Schroeder, Journalist and Author

To empower industry professionals to “create a best version…of their patient’s natural beauty,” we’ve put together a package which includes:

  • 1 set of stainless steel Beautiphication™ calipers, and
  • Access to Dr. Swift’s instructional videos teaching the Beautiphication™ methodology and demonstrating proper use of the Beautiphication™ calipers for facilitating assessment, planning and treatment, available at Beautiphication™ Technique after purchase.

If you have questions about the Beautiphication™ caliper, please contact us using the form below:

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