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Bernadett Buda, MD

Budapest, Hungary
There are people who can change professions with their forward-thinking ideas. After studying their experience-based knowledge, we are never going to think about those things the same way. There are courses where the wisdom passed on can change careers. Dr. Arthur Swift’s point of views, experiences and treatment principles have changed the way we use hyaluronic acid fillers. It’s no exaggeration to say that using what I learnt from him is a guarantee for my patients’ satisfaction everyday.

Nicola Lowry, PA-C

Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Swift is one of the greatest mentors of my aesthetic career. He made me think differently about how I approached a face and my results dramatically improved. His passion for advocating safe(r) injection techniques mixed with his unique approach to teaching anatomy ignited a fire in me to voraciously study. He has made me a better injector and has inspired me to become a great teacher.

Shino Bay, MD

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Dr. Swift
One mark of a great educator and teacher is to teach his students with passion and to allow them to explore his mind so they can find useful tools to expand their knowledge and improve their craft. This is my definition of Dr. Swift who has always gone above and beyond to help others in the aesthetic industry become true artists and safe injectors.

Raj Acquilla, MD

London, United Kingdom
Dr. Swift
Arthur has been my inspiration, my guru and my mentor. He is without a doubt THE artist of our time, the best injector and orator in the world. Every word spoken and technical gem is gospel. I call him my brother but in truth he is the godfather and I'm eternally grateful for his talent, artistry and wisdom.

Manny Kapur, President, Xthetica

Ontario, Canada
Dr. Swift
In every Revolution there emerges a leader that changes the way WE THINK, WHAT WE DO and HOW WE ACT! Dr. Swift is an amazing teacher to the world’s elite injectors and has taken the non-surgical aesthetics space to new heights. His gift is his excellent ability to articulate this understanding to large groups around the world in an ease that allows all aesthetics practitioners to perform at their highest levels.

James Platis, MD

Chicago, IL
The BeautiPHIcation caliper along with Dr Swift’s injection techniques have changed my entire approach to volume restoration. Now I can create better facial symmetry and harmony with far less product. I even use the caliper to help plan out my surgeries when performing structural fat grafting.
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