Dr. Arthur Swift

Facial Assessment and Treatment

Caucasian Female, 53

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109 MINS


  • One Up One Over Shotgun Technique for the Temple
  • Subdermal Temple Contouring
  • Posterior Temple Bolus Technique
  • Line of Ligaments
  • Cheek Mound Optimization
  • Swift Lift
  • Gonial Angle Injection
  • Marionette Zone Treatment with Cannula
  • Nasolabial Fold Treatment with Cannula
  • Lip Enhancement (Needle Technique)
  • Russian Lip Flip


  • Discussion of Toxin Lower Face Lift
  • Caliper Measurements for Facial Proportion
  • Earlobe Injection Technique
  • Treatment of the A-Frame Deformity
  • Jawline Enhancement with Cannula
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Nasal Dorsal Enhancement
  • Treatment of Collapsing Nasal Valves
  • Treatment of the Canted Nasal Tip
  • Mesomix (Toxin and Filler) Treatment of the Neck
  • Midface Light Reflex Optimization
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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Arthur Swift

Dr. Swift is globally recognized as a trendsetter in the field of cosmetic enhancement and has trained over 25,000 cosmetic providers through scores of masterclasses in 58 countries over 6 continents. He has contributed countless original techniques, published dozens of peer-reviewed articles and textbooks in the aesthetic arts, as well as patented industry-standard devices for patient assessment and safety.


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