Dr. Arthur Swift & Prof. Sebastian Cotofana

Treatment of the Mid and Lower Face with Toxin and Fillers

Black Female, 53

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  • Infrabrow Hollowing
  • Tear Toughs
  • Pyriform Fossa
  • The Mentalis Muscle
  • The Depressor Anguli Oris
  • The Masseter Muscle
  • The Chin Zone
  • The Marionette Zone 


  • The “Swift Lift”
  • The Risorius Muscle
  • Upper Lip Barcode
  • The Female Upper Lateral Lip (F.U.L.L.) Triangle
  • Anatomy of the Lower Face
  • Dynamic Discord
  • The “Drop” Technique
Meet The EXPERTs
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Arthur Swift

Dr. Swift is globally recognized as a trendsetter in the field of cosmetic enhancement and has trained over 25,000 cosmetic providers through scores of masterclasses in 58 countries over 6 continents. He has contributed countless original techniques, published dozens of peer-reviewed articles and textbooks in the aesthetic arts, as well as patented industry-standard devices for patient assessment and safety.

Facial Anatomist

Prof. Sebastian Cotofana

Sebastian Cotofana, M.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., is recognized globally as the world’s leading anatomist in the field of facial aesthetics. His passion and dedication for research and detailed anatomic dissections have propelled him to become a revered international speaker and key opinion leader, shaping the future of aesthetic research and conferences worldwide.


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