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Philip Burchard, Chief Executive Officer Merz

Frankfurt, Germany
Dr. Swift
Dr. Swift has always been a source of deep knowledge and inspiration. Attending his lectures has opened new perspectives on aesthetic medicine in so many respects. He has shown that the combination of technique and artistry can achieve amazing results in patients, giving them such a great level of satisfaction. I consider him one of the very great people in the world of aesthetic medicine!

Ellen Gendler, MD

New York, NY
I have found my BeautiPHIcation calipers to be an incredibly useful tool in evaluating my patients' faces. It helps me confirm what I see when I do my visual assessment, and it is a great little device with which to educate the patient as well. I own 3 of them (just in case I lose one)!

Tapan Patel, MD

London, United Kingdom
Dr. Swift
Arthur is a true visionary in every sense of the word. He has endeavored to create new concepts in the fields of Aesthetic Medicine to constantly challenge the status quo. Arthur coined the phrase “Edutainment” to stress that a great lecturer combines education and entertainment in equal measure. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing Arthur will concur. The testament as to how highly I regard his concepts is illustrated by the fact that I named my clinic, PHI.

Andries Van Schalwyk, MD

Cape Town, South Africa
I have to thank Dr. Swift for the incredible impact he has had on my injection career. The BeautiPHIcation caliper has become an essential confidence tool - not only for myself, but also for those who I am injecting.

Holly Happe, MD

Newton, MA
I can't say enough about the quality of this course. Dr. Swift emphasizes safety non-stop. He is kind and humble and answers all questions even in a larger group. This course is by far the best aesthetic course I have taken and I recommend it without reservation!

Carlos Bravo, MD

San José, Costa Rica
Dr. Swift's caliper allowed me to demonstrate to my clients that what I do combines science and art. Clients are very impressed by seeing me measure and analyze their faces, I feel it gives them confidence in my technique. This tool has enabled me to deliver much more precise and beautiful results to my patients.
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