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Marta Duarte, MD

Lisbon, Portugal
I completely share Dr Swift's view on conserving natural beauty. His caliper is an essential tool in my daily practice. I highly recommend it to my fellow practitioners.

Gerald Bock, MD

Stockton, CA
Dr. Swift’s seminars are unique. He is truly one of the thought leaders in cosmetic procedures. He adds new and updated material to each course so I've found it worthwhile to attend on an annual basis. Each time, I come away with new material & techniques. In addition, Dr. Swift is a great teacher, very willing to answer questions and friendly as well. I strongly recommend his seminars.

Marcella Araújo, MD

Aracaju, Brazi
The Swift Beauty Masterclass is the most relevant course I have attended throughout my career. Dr. Arthur Swift is a genius, a real legend who shares all his knowledge and expertise generously. I can truly say that Swift Beauty provided me with many important clinical takeaways for a safer and more accurate practice. Unforgettable!

Doris Day, MD

New York, NY
Dr. Swift
Dr. Swift is the King of aesthetics and a master of his craft as well as a brilliant and inspiring educator. I have learned much from him over the years and always look forward to sharing information to improve outcomes for our patients.

Don Lalonde, MD

New Brunswick, Canada
I am a senior plastic surgeon who has attended several of Dr. Arthur Swift’s Masterclasses. Every time I go, I learn new things that are simple, practical and very useful to help me make my patients look their best. I try to attend the Masterclass every year.

Patricia Goodwin, RGN NIP

North Wales & Chester, United Kingdom
The use of the BeautiPHIcation calipers has enhanced the consultation process and personalized the treatment plan for all my patents. Using the calipers has also increased my accuracy with product placement. They have become an essential part of my practice.
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